Characterize matter from space


HyperMéthée will be the hyperspectral demonstrator of Prométhée. The hyperspectral cameras will be able to capture and analyze a larger number of finer frequency bands of electromagnetic radiation, for the benefit of multiple applications.

All matter has its own spectral signature, which allows to characterize its composition with precision. The Simera instrument chosen by Prometheus consists of a camera with 32 contiguous bands selected over a spectrum from 442nm to 884nm, with a high ground resolution of < 5m. It opens the way to future developments in hyperspectral applications.

Satellite instrument

  • Orbit/AngleSS0
  • Max. velocity44 000 km2 / d
  • Revolution15 orbits / d
  • Size8U
Hyper Spectral Optical Instrument
  • Resolution4.75 m GSD
  • Stream14 km
  • Spectral Bands31 Spectral Bands + 1 Panchromatic