About Prométhée

Prométhée was founded in January 2020 and is positioned as a federation of the entire French New Space sector, responding to the challenges of governance, sustainable development, and crisis management by providing environmental and strategic Intelligence services. The scope of application proposed by Prométhée covers fields related to national sovereignty and resilience such as urban planning management, protection of water resources, critical infrastructures, fight against deforestation, illegal fishing, ecological efficiency of agriculture, defense, and security. At the heart of a global market estimated at $80 billion per year and growing at an average annual rate of 8%, Prométhée also innovates through its economic model of infrastructure financing and its dynamic collaboration with partner countries. This economic model boosts the creation of high value-added jobs and the development of applications for national and regional needs. It brings together recognized experts in the space, digital and sustainable development fields. Its headquarters are in the Paris region and a technical platform for the space segment has been set up in Toulouse. The CNES, the BPI, and the French Ministries of Economy and Defense have been following Prométhée since its creation. Prométhée also proposes an "end-to-end" export offer covering the space segment (nano-satellite constellation), a control center, a mission center, an aggregative digital platform, training services, and technological exchanges allowing the client country to develop its own NewSpace ecosystem thus guaranteeing its autonomy.

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Press release
from 12 april 2022.