Prométhée, a French initiative, dual in its DNA, combining digital revolution and "new space", observation and IoT, sovereignty and mutualization, local development and international cooperation.

We live in a world where inequalities are rising and our heritage are threatened.

Climate change, the weakening in the natural balance and the insecurity are factors of social tensions and political destabilization that inhibits the growth.

Promethée proposes to provide governments with an industry of environmental and strategic intelligence services with a sovereign approach.

Promethée offers a turnkey satellite constellation combining earth observation and IoT (Internet of Things) with unparalleled revisit rate.

At the forefront of Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, Promethée has created a digital platform that brings together the latest digital innovations, enabling its customers to build locally and autonomously "tailor-made" applications that aggregate spatial information and field indicators.

From forest fire detection to water management, food security, urban planning, desertification control, crisis management, critical infrastructure protection, the possibilities for the applications covered by Prometheus are unlimited.


Democratize access to “Earths Observation” by diving the cost of space data by a factor 4.

Take advantage of putting into orbit satellites constellations with unparalleled revisit rate

Ensure the integrity of information by operating our own satellites to provide sovereign space and digital infrastructure resources for export



Management of natural disasters and contamination
Protection of areas with major environmental risks
Monitoring agricultural cycles for sustainable and resilient agriculture



Optimization of Smart cities and formalization of cadastres


Management of critical infrastructures, construction site supervision
Border surveillance, crisis management


> New fundraising in the second half of 2021

> A first constellation of satellites in orbit by 2023