Knowledge is power to act


The recent Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated the urgency of being able to predict and anticipate health crises. Dengue fever, yellow fever and malaria cause nearly one million deaths worldwide. Global warming brings with it the development of mosquitoes in regions previously spared and with little immunity to these diseases.

Prométhée Earth Intelligence is developing an alert database using satellite imagery to predict future epidemics of vector-borne diseases. The contribution of multispectral and hyperspectral data from the future Prométhée Earth Intelligence constellation, combined with external data (in-situ, weather, biodiversity, etc.) via our digital platform, allows us to establish monitoring and anticipation models for areas at risk.

Solutions allow Monitoring – Alerting:

  • Prediction and anticipation of risk areas
  • Detection of risk areas
  • Data aggregation with ecosystem and biodiversity model
  • Warning and prevention for populations