Front-End Developer


Paris – Innovation Digitale


You will have the opportunity to work in the “Digital” division of Prométhée.
Fully integrated in human-sized teams, in which you will exercise your talents autonomously, you will work on front-end projects of the company’s digital services and products in their entirety.

Your primary mission will be to develop a state-of-the-art Earth Intelligence operating system and novel Earth Intelligence services deployed in the cloud leveraging satellite imagery, IoT and data fusion technology.

In order for you to achieve this goal, your responsibilities will be:
Be able to analyze customer requests and transform them into code (supported by our business experts)
Plan and document technical specifications for system functionality or design
Design, build and configure applications to meet business process and application requirements
Participate in code reviews
Mentor our youngest recruits (and support them in acquiring software quality standards)
In short, you will be a key member of our team!


If you have a degree in computer science, we are interested!

But we are also open to experience in the field.

We’d like you to have some experience, it will help you feel comfortable! Especially as a front-end or full stack developer. 5 years minimum if possible.

This job is above all a state of mind (with a lot of technique!).

So, if you are solution-oriented with a strong background in Javascript and React, you are the man/woman for the job!

Oh, and you need to be able to communicate (in French, both written and spoken, and in English at least).


Have worked in cloud technology.
Feel comfortable with the design and CSS language.

In short, you are open-minded, you like to work in a team while remaining autonomous, you are able to speak and adapt to different interlocutors, you know how to listen, understand and synthesize AND you like technology… Join us!